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Klingon Ambassador To Wales Honors Yelchin

Alex Greene presents poem in an alien language

Many members of the "Star Trek: Beyond" cast and crew have paid tribute to their late colleague and friend Anton Yelchin, who died last month in a freak at-home accident. But no one yet has made those remarks in Klingon.

Alex Greene is not part of "Beyond," but the Welsh resident is fluent in Klingon — something he's learned since 1986 — and decided to share some of his thoughts about Yelchin in that language.

Greene, who is considered the Klingon ambassador to Wales according to The Mirror, said there are thousands of people in America and "quite a few in Australia" who are fluent in Klingon. Other estimates suggest the number of fluent Klingon speakers is probably more in the hundreds than thousands.

Listen to what the 52-year-old Star Trek fan has to say about Yelchin, and get ready for "Star Trek: Beyond," which premieres this Friday.

h/t The Mirror

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