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Next Star Trek Director ... Is Not This Guy

Rumors shot down that G.I. Joe helmer would take on Roddenberry franchise

There were some high hopes by some that he would be taking over for J.J. Abrams. But as far as his people are concerned, you won't see Jon M. Chu's name in the credits when it comes to "Star Trek 3."

The director, probably best known for his recent work of "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," had his name circulated Monday as the possible new director of the sequel to "Star Trek: Into Darkness." However, his representatives told The Huffington Post that he is not in line to take the job, which means the chances of a Justin Bieber cameo are probably out the door too.

Of course, Chu didn't say he wouldn't take on the job if offered. It's just that no one from Paramount Pictures has approached him about the job.

Chu is already attached to direct a third G.I. Joe film after "Retaliation" made $122.5 million at the domestic box office -- just short of its $130 million budget. He is probably better known to some moviegoers for his work in the Step Up dance film franchise, doing both 2008's "Step Up 2: The Streets" and 2010's "Step Up 3D."

Heck, this could've meant a cool dance number with Chris Pine's Kirk and Zachary Quinto's Spock.

Abrams has not officially bowed out of "Star Trek 3." However, with him now attached to direct the next Star Wars film for the Walt Disney Co., it is unlikely that he can direct the next Star Trek film as well, especially if Paramount meets its goal of releasing it in 2016 -- in time for the franchise's 50th anniversary.

"Star Trek: Into Darkness" has now made $451.5 million in worldwide box office.

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